How we vet the properties

The most important part of AC property sourcing is ensuring the properties we provide to our investors are eligible and stand up to our high scrutiny. On every viewing, we make sure the property meets all the criteria of our 7-page manual.

Here are some of the most important things we promise to our investors.

What we do

Hassle-free and with fantastic ROI

Good Condition

We assess every property before we put it to our investors, build estimates are obtained and in some cases full quotes provided. All properties sold come with a 14 day cooling off period where you will have ample time to get a professional survey carried out.

Letable are

We will carry out due- diligence on the area the property is in. Obtaining unbiased information on expected monthly rental income and tenancy demand/ Tenant Character

Distance to local amenities

All our properties unless clearly stated will be within walking distance to transport options and/or local amenities

Management team in the area

We can put you in contact with a lettings management team in the area to make your process as smooth as possible.